The Grateful Garment Project & Biocom Gives Back Campaign | Get Involved

Empowering employees to support their passions and make an impact in their communities has never been more important than right now.  The life science workforce is driven by their ability to enact change, contribute to societal inclusiveness and engage in philanthropic and charitable giving.  Many companies are providing opportunities for their employees to volunteer, give back and find fulfillment in mission driven activities.

Given the opportunities and the tools, employees are eager to showcase their social responsibility, and working for a company that supports these efforts is a priority for the those currently in the workforce.  Increasingly, companies are creating comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)  programs that engage every business unit and have dedicated staff and resources.  Biocom understands that not every company can dedicate resources to a formal CSR program, which is why this year, we want to provide our members and HR professionals an opportunity to participate in a campaign that will provide immense exposure for a truly amazing organization.

Biocom is thrilled to partner with AmpersandPeople for our Give Back campaign during this years virtual Life Science HR Conference, supporting The Grateful Garment Project.


Trigger Warning: The link below may contain triggering and/or sensitive material. Sexual violence, sexual assault, and abuse, are some of the topics mentioned in the content and website below.

The Grateful Garment Project’s (TGGP) mission is to ensure that every victim of a sexual crime who crosses the threshold of a Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) facility or who seeks medical attention and/or law enforcement involvement is provided with whatever new clothing, toiletries, snacks, and other miscellaneous items that he or she may require. We have further expanded our mission and vision to encompass all victims of sexual violence. This includes but is not limited to Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC) and victims of Human Sexual Trafficking (HST).

The Grateful Garment Project speaks to AmpersandPeople as an organization because of its promise to help ALL.  The goal of The Grateful Garment Project is to return dignity to those that are most vulnerable. To help individuals find a sense of peace and comfort during a time of fear and confusion.  At AmpersandPeople we believe that all individuals are valued and that belief is aligned with the mission of The Grateful Garment Project which works with 25-40 victims per day- children, men & women- to ensure that they know they are safe and that they matter.  Working as a part of the Board of Directors I am able to see the direct impact of the work done across California to help individuals through the process of recovery.  Making people feel like they matter and choosing to listen to all voices with respect is important not only for any non-profit or business organization, but also for the well-being of all.

To learn how you can support The Grateful Garment Project as an attendee of the 2020 California (and Beyond) Life Science HR Conference, click here