Biocom’s Give Back Campaign: How You Can Participate

Throughout the three weeks of the 2020 California (and Beyond) Life Science HR Conference, attendees will have the opportunity to raise funds to support The Grateful Garment Project.  Sponsored by AmpersandPeople, and in partnership with Biocom, the goal of this campaign is to increase awareness of the important work being done at The Grateful Garment Project and collectively use our social capital to amplify their mission.

The challenge, if you decide to accept it, is an easy one!   Every time one of our conference attendees either shares or likes THIS social media post that Biocom has initiated, actual dollars will be donated to The Grateful Garment Project.

For every post that is shared/reshared, Biocom will donate $5 and $1 will be donated every time the post receives a “like”.  With the generous support of AmpersandPeople, Biocom will be matching every “donation” up to $3,000.  You will see these posts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.  Let’s go viral….

**In addition, our community can learn more about the different programs The Grateful Garment offers and donate directly to the organization HERE