Do you have a unique outlier story/case study that your company has been challenged with and overcame that you would like to share during the San Diego HR Conference? 
Biocom is seeking a speaker/company to present on an outlier story/vignette during the San Diego Life Science HR Conference. These stories directly impact the role of the HR. The session will be 15 minutes in length and is similar to our 2017 vignettes. Read below to see the vignettes we highlighted in 2017.
Diversity in Our Biotech Community 
In 2017, attendees heard from Holly Chrzanowski, Vice President, Enterprise Talent and Organization for aTyr Pharma as she focused on a case study highlighting how a small sized, San Diego biotechnology company supported an employee’s gender transition process.
How San Diego Businesses Can Combat Human Trafficking 
In 2017, attendees heard from Carrie Hessler-Radelet, President and CEO for Project Concern International.  At $810 million per year, sex trafficking is one of San Diego’s largest underground economies—second only to drug trafficking. Estimates put the number of commercially exploited people in San Diego between 3,400-8,100 per year, and the average age of entry of a victim into sex trafficking is just 16. Trafficking is a problem in our community, and it impacts local businesses as well. 63% of prostituted people said they met clients on company property, and more than half of sex buyers admit to paying for sex while traveling for business. Carrie Hessler-Radelet, former Peace Corps Director and current CEO of Project Concern International (PCI), will share what PCI is doing locally to combat human trafficking. In this session, you’ll learn how your company can join trafficking prevention efforts to protect your organization and ensure the continued health of our community.
**If you are interested in presenting, please email a brief description of your case study to Ashleigh Farver at [email protected] by Friday, September 21st.