Every company is looking to hire women these days. Almost daily, there are articles online citing the business advantages to having women leaders in the C-suite and on the Board and the positive impact of diversity on team performance. While there has been a focus on diversity since the turn of this century, the progress made is uneven at best.

While there are healthy numbers of women being hired at pre-managerial levels, the further up the hierarchy you look, the fewer women are represented.  STEM, including Biotech appear to be particularly problematic.  While more women are entering STEM professions, record numbers of women are leaving.  Why is this happening?

In this interactive presentation, Dr. Beranbaum will:

  • Highlight the research on, and issues affecting, the attraction, development and retention of women in STEM
  • Examine the obvious and less obvious impacts of unconscious bias
  • Recommend 6 steps companies can take to increase their ‘stickiness’ by building the optimal culture, refining key processes and designing development programs that create value and have the intended impacts