In biopharma companies, workload continues to increase as employees wear multiple hats, work on multiple projects, and in some cases, report to multiple bosses. Priorities are in constant conflict and employees feel the crunch to do more and more, hopping from team to team and role to role. Unfortunately, the demands that biopharma professionals are expected to meet can make burnout commonplace.

As an HR professional, you might be asking yourself: “What more can I do to alleviate job burnout?”

Our session provides tools and methodologies that you can use to coach managers and their employees for success around multiple priorities and instill a positive mindset around accountability that helps employees work smarter, not harder.

Discover how to reduce burnout in your company, help employees reclaim balance, and increase engagement—without sacrificing company results.

In fact, when biopharma company UCB implemented the proven tools that we’ll share with you, it created an unstoppable, competitive advantage: in just one year, UCB jumped 10 places to a #7 ranking in Europe and was noted as a “rising star” (April 2016, PatientView study)—all while achieving industry best-practice levels of engagement.

UCB’s CEO, Jean-Christophe Tellier, said, “Having had multiple first-hand experiences with the power of the Partners In Leadership approach myself, this is the most pragmatic approach we’ve seen for directly addressing the challenges accountability poses today for companies like ours. It’s already delivering solutions that foster superior and sustainable performance.”

We’ll show you how to foster ownership, commitment, and employee engagement that leads to better results and happier employees.